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Welcome to 2011.

Let me state one truth – this is going to be your year. Yes that is correct, if you are struggling in the field of Internet Marketing – I can help make it your year. If you are prepared to work to improve your present position then I can help fill in the missing parts and make this your best year yet.

There is not magic bullet or magic wand to success.  No one has ever become a success overnight. You hear this saying but it is not true – you had better believe it.  The truth is, when people are given the label of “Overnight Success”, they will be able to prove to you that they have been working towards their success for a long time.

So how do you become the success you want to be?  Your success is dependent on you, your mindset and how you plan to achieve and how you will carry out your plan.  Your mindset is the major part of your success. Let me put it this way – “If you believe that you can achieve – you will”. I am sure that you have all heard or read report of experiments where people have volunteered for medical trials involving the use of some drug treatment. It may be weight loss or pain reduction but these people volunteer known that half of them will be given the correct treatment and the other half will be given a placebo.  No one knows who has the correct medication for the problem or who have been given the placebo.

The group is monitored throughout the period and the results are collated at the conclusion of the trial. The results prove that some people taking the placebo achieved the same results as those taking the correct drug.

How does this happen? It is the power of the mind that allows this to happen – it is as simple as that. People believe that they are given the correct treatment and their mind accepts that they will get better.

So if you start with the positive mindset that you will achieve – the sky is the limit. The other part of this equation is that you have to be prepared to work towards your goals.

Write out your plan and the time you believe that you will take to achieve your desired results. Break these goals into smaller section that you want to achieve, each month, each week and then each day.

Now if you need help to achieve your goals, I have already created a course that will allow you to know exactly the direction you are going to enable you to reach your goals. It is designed as a week by week recorded webinar that will teach you step by step. You cannot jump ahead because it is time sensitive and following week is delivered 7 days after the previous week. This is the easiest way by far for you to become the success in Internet Marketing that you know you can be. You can sign up for seven days for $1.00 and get unlimited access to Week 1 of the Coaching Newbies Course and the members’ area.