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Christmas is Coming…

Well it is starting to look a lot like Christmas. Yes the shops are filled with all things Christmas and it is very cold here and snowing and it will probably snow for Christmas. It is less than three weeks to Christmas day and what a year it has been.

So let’s review the year. I have managed to conduct two newbies courses and some students actually did both. I really upped the anti in the second course because my students were required to produce their own product and put it up on Clickbank. I still managed to teach my painting classes each month as well.

Unfortunately, I think some newbies are still struggling completing that part of the course but I keep telling them I am still here and prepared to help them. I really want to see them succeed and start to make some money because this was their main motivation for doing the course. So if any of my students still needs my help, as I have said before, email me and I will set up a skype session to help you.

So on a more personal note I am going to have some time with the family for Christmas. Over Christmas and New Year I am going to have a bit of a relaxing time. If you remember last year – I even went out and played in the snow with my wife and daughter.

I believe that Christmas is a family time but unfortunately it has become a very commercialized time and the shops want you to spend money. This is really not the true meaning of Christmas to me. Rather than spending money, I prefer to spend good quality time with the family. That is not to say, there will not be presents, but the time together is what is important to all of us.

So I wish you all a safe happy Christmas and don’t make any New Year’s resolutions that you are not going to keep! Think wisely what you want to do for the New Year and plan it well. We are talking about the rest of your life so think what goals you want to achieve and plan accordingly.