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Do I Have To Remind You?

Well guys

This week has been a great week for most of my students – some have struggled but most of them have been able to complete the challenges that I have set them. Some unfortunately have not been able to complete the challenges within the week.

Now I know the reasons for this are many and varied. Sometimes it is work or family or a few other commitments that can prevent you from getting everything done within the weekly time frame. But here,  for some of you,  I want to give you all a timely reminder.

One of my students this week contacted me about another program they had bought. Now let me remind all of you, that was one thing that I asked you all not to do – buy unrelated programs. These programs promise an easy way to making fast money but most are far from easy. They are not the magic bullet.

If you do this, you will become distracted and will find yourself also suffering from information overload. You will be paying attention in the wrong area. You will lessen your chance of success in this course and you will find yourself falling further and further behind.

Remember if you need my help, skype me and as soon as I come on line I will contact you. I want you all to stay on track and complete all the challenges that I set you. Always watch the videos first and if you experience any difficulties we will sort it out together.

What we are going to do over the next few weeks is set up various means of getting different streams of income. As I told you last week one of my students who joined my affiliate link has made money. There are several other affiliates of my course who have also managed to get sales.

So guys let’s all stay on track and let’s see how successful each one of you can be.