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  1. Mark Terrell Post author

    Hi Everyone,

    I would just like to thank everyone for responding to my emails and posting your problems on my blog.

    As i said i WILL reply to every single message after i have read and reviewed each message.

    I am also going to be offering you all the chance to join my skype group where there are many newbies helping each other too.

    Ok the skype groupe is set up.. I need all your Skype user ids so i can add you all to the group!!!

    Soon each week i shall be holding free weekly webinars for you all to attend and ask me questions, live

    Best Regards

    Mark Terrell

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    Yes it sounds good that there is someone who seems to care, instead of just
    wanting to get what they can and leave a person with only part of the needed
    puzzle pieces. I have found no matter where a person goes, you can only get
    just enough not to be able to really get anywhere. Right now I am trying to
    learn how to get my blog as my homesite and get it together. I am a visual
    person and it is like having a thousand piece puzzle and no box cover with
    the picture on it as how it is supposed to look. Doesn’t anyone now days ever
    make things simple and easy to understand, rather so complicated?

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hey John,

      1. register a domain name in your name ie: if you have not already done so.
      2. i suggest getting unlimited hosting from hostgator as it is cheap and they have one click wordpress blog installation.
      3. in cpanel your admin area in your hosting account click on fatastico icon and you will see wordpress blog on the right hand side, click on that and follow instructions…. done If you still get stuck skype me or search on for installing a wordpress blog.

      Again, if you want me to talk you through it or install it for you just let me know.

      If you go to my resources page you will see hosting etc

      thanks mark

  4. Vince

    I bought a lot of ebook but I haven found any ebook showing resource of How to build an easy free sale page completed with payment processors and download page? Show me the complete guide book (not video as I hate the download size and it could not be printed or put a book mark at where I stopped, another thing is I can check the meaning of any words in the ebook but there is no words in video except images and sound). I do not know if you reply me with email or blog post.

    Thanks for your kindness.


    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hello Vince,

      So as i understand it you want a ebook that shows you where to get a sales page download page and payment processor correct?

      I can show you how to make all these things in wordpress for free, you will need a product to sell.

      I can set up some videos for you to watch to show you how to do all this online without you having to download them.


  5. Lee

    I have a blog too. But actually I do not know how to do blogging. I enjoy posting on it myself. My blog is of melting hot niche with near billion competitions. So, no one visit my blog as it is like a sand particle in a desert which no one would found or would like to find. I can see why you teach people to build email lists rather than teaching people to do blogging as billions of blogs are competing on the net and the chances of a newbie is very slim. Some(actually only few people know my blog) says that my blog is useful during online chat. If you have a complete proven guide on bloging that you personally use, please share it with me so that I can improve my blog, and may be one day you may like to link to my blog.

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hey Lee,

      Sounds like you need to drive traffic to your blog, ok here is a quick way.

      1. Use google keyword search tool to search for top related keywords to your niche find the top 10
      2. For each keyword with the most searches i want you to create a separate blog and register 10 domain names that are close to the search words.
      3. You need a basic blog theme ( i can give you one to use) you need to put the keyword in the title and made your first post Your title with that keyword write your own words about what the product is…. make sure you have a few search keywords in it but write it as if you were reading it to someone. google will love this… regular fresh content is king.
      4. I want you to make 2 cat i called reviews.
      5 You need to go to amazon and search your niche on there and find a review for a simular product.
      6. Rewrite the review add the picture as one of your blog posts.
      7. You need to do 2 posts each day for 30 days
      8. At the end of each post you will add a hyperlink to your mane blog with the words : “You may also like”
      9. You will need a sticky plugin for your posts
      10. so now you have 10 blogs with tope keywords all with fresh content linking to your blog….. 🙂

      Thats a start if you need more detailed information please contact me.



    Hi Mark,

    I’ve got the basics, but can’t upload my opt-in page. I have an Aweber account with a domain from nameserver and host from hostgator. Built the lil site using kompozer. So, I’ve got all the pieces, but it won’t upload at ALL. I know this is more a technical question other than a specific IM one, but this is my problem. If you can help I would be greatly appreciative. 🙂

    thank you in advance,

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi Adam,

      I would recommend using a free ftp tool called filezilla and upload it using that…..

      If you get stuck give me access to your page and i do it for you


  7. Malcolm T mcKinnell

    Hey Mark
    I think this is a great thing you are doing here Man…
    Hope you don’t mind me jumping in here and giving you a helping hand to answer some of your viewers messages.
    Just like you, I don’t know all the answers but what I do know I’ll gladly share.

    I’m a former student of Alex Jeffries and Dean Holland…and I know what it used to be like scrabbling round in the dark looking for answers that weren’t readily available… I’m a bit further advanced now thanks to those two Guy’s and I’d like to give back myself now…I just wish that there were a heck of a lot more guy’s ready to give back…as they say it’s better to give than to receive….

    My Best.
    Malcolm T.
    This is for John Wright.

    Hey John

    I too, used to be a bit of a perfectionist, trying to get my blog looking just that bit better, until I realised that what I was doing, was stalling,wasting time, and not really getting on with the job in hand, and that job is blogging… Getting some posts up there online…establishing your personality and making friends with your viewers… it’s not easy at first to find something to write about but it will come…spend sometime loking for the right “Niche”…study it…become knowledgable about that niche…and post about that with a little bit of yourself thrown in…

    Your theme looks good so STOP fiddling with it and get on with Blogging..

    Malcolm T.

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi Malcolm,

      Glad you like what i am doing… Its all about relationship building and helping fellow internet marketers make money..

      If i show you how to make your first $100 a month for free then would you buy my $197 coaching that shows you how to go from $100 a month to $500 a month ? YES you be mad not too

      I only want to get payed for my time and results i can get with my students…


  8. stankelly

    Hi Mark

    Thanks for your offer on helping us (the newbies) to clear doubts and get a correct way to succeed in internet marketing.

    I am WAHM, having an online shop which set up around mid August last year. But sad to say that, until now I only have 2 orders. This is very disappointing me. I did listed my items on Ebay as well but get 0 bid.

    I wanted to have more knowledge on how to build a list and get traffic to my online shop. (Hope that will be low cost of FOC as currently I am deep in my financial problem.) Beside my online shop, I do have a blog site as well. The traffic I will say is below average. How can I get my readers subscribe to my blog?

    Can you please help me on this?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hey Kelly,

      Nothing wrong with being a Work At Home Mum, good on ya!

      Selling online is all about relationship building, you need to ask why would someone buy from me and my shop?

      Are your products cheaper ? Better ?? Are you offering extra bonuses?

      It sounds like another traffic problem… First you need to make sure your site is optimised for google as getting onto the first page on google wil of course get you more sales.

      Is you site easy to navigate and clear?

      Use blogs to post articles about your products and link them all back to your online shop site.

      If you need detailed info please contact me so we can discuss what you need to do to start making you money !!


  9. Jen


    I just want to say that I think what you are doing is great! Getting started in Internet Marketing is one of the hardest things i’ve ever encountered in my life. You have like 50 different gurus telling you to buy their products, and having ebooks and videos thrown at you left and right. I’ve had my blog up since November and am still struggling to make my first sale.

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      hello Jen,

      Thanks for your kind words….

      Dont buy anymore ebooks videos until you make your first sale…

      Ok som you have your blog set up what are you doing to drive traffic to your blog? How are you building your email list ?
      Is the product yours or a affiliate product?


  10. stacy

    Thanks Mark.
    I like this Idea of asking people what there questions are, rather than telling them what the problem is.
    I biggest problem is trying to get all my social networking sites to work.
    What I mean is there a pain trying to log in.
    Thats kinda of a dumb thing to have problems with don’t ya think?
    Its so time consuming.
    Will Traffic Gyser take care of that problem for me? or do I still have to manually do this?
    Thanks for your time Mark. I really do think your doing everyone here a great service and glad I have the oppertunity get your help.

    Stacy Slagle

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi Stacy,

      How can you really help someone without asking what they are stuck on ?

      We i suggest roboform which is great to automatically log in to many websites for you.

      I would also suggest outsourcing posting on blogs forums uploading videos posting on twitter if you dont want to do it yourself.

      I would use and post a project on there explaining what you want…

      My friends in india work for me for $20 a day for 6 hours when i need them, however you MUST make it clear what you need them to do and you must trust them so look at there feedback.


  11. chuck

    I’d also like to know how to make a product page and then a download page to deliver them. It would also be nice to know which products that come along every day are worth the money. For instance I found the Quick Profit System pretty weak. Also, not too sure Geo Brown’s Traffic Ultimatum is worth the $197. It goes ovr a lot of plowed ground.

    1. Mark Terrell Post author


      I can show you how to make the product page and download page no problem i do a video in the next week for you.

      If you find a product you like or want to promote and not sure contact me and i do a review of it …

      The best product to promote is YOURS !!!! again if you think this is the route you want to take you will need some payed coaching as it will take up a lot of my time, however i can point you in the write directions fro free.


  12. Joanne

    This site is not completed yet. I have to change prices and upload more items. That one I don’t have a problem doing.
    I have a leather apparel site which is not puplished yet. I have my suppliers and dropshippers. What I don’t know or understand is how I take the image from their website and put it on mine. I also do not know how to put the description that the customer clicks on to enlarge image and see all the description .I only have 5 pages to work with and the way They want me to do this is just upload the item and then uplaod the description. That way I only get maybe 2 items on the page if I am Lucky.
    I would really like your imput on this.

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi Joanne,

      If you rightclick on there image and save the url you can paste that on your website.

      You need to make the image have a hyperlink so it goes to a new webpage where you have a bigger image and the product details.

      If you get stuck skype me


  13. herry

    Hi Mark
    I’ve just wanna start Internet Marketing Bussiness,but I confused about Internet Marketing that fits to me.What is better affiliate marketing or the other way.I haven’t had bolg or websites,and I don’t have products to sell too.Give me explaining and how to..Thank you
    Sorry my english is not good.

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi herry,

      First you need to decide what your are trying to achieve?

      Like why have you decided to do internet marketing? Are you in it for the long term or quick buck?

      If you want to make regular BIG money i suggest you strat at the basics and take some coaching that will show you the correct way to make good money every month.

      To make sales you need to build relationships with people… simple…. You can of course send people to a squeeze page and make sales its a numbers game… roughly 2% of everyone you send to a GOOD page will buy on average. But depends on price etc.

      What you should be doing is taking training that shows you how to create your OWN products then shows you how to drive traffic to them.

      YOU make ALL the money …….

      You need to be building your mailing list too.

      Hope that helps if you need to talk chat to me on skype


  14. Angie

    Hey there Mark,

    My website is actually an offline business website that is filled with information on arthritis. My goals that I have set for myself is to make $5,000 a month through my information brokerage business and from selling PLR e-books. I have tons of e-books that have Master PLR, and PLR but have no idea how to use the website pages that come with them. It amazes me that no one ever tells you how to set up these website pages. I have no idea how to use these pages or even what program to use for them. Do you have any way of telling me how to do this or even a step by step guide on how to use these pages and set them up. Please can you help me!!

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hey Angie,

      Thanks for asking for help…..

      The problem you have with selling plr ebboks is usually they are priced at $7 so you need to sell a lot of $7 to make any money right?

      What i suggest is getting a plr product and making some videos out of them using powerpoint or open office slideshow.

      These will sell for around $97 a time SEE the difference on how many of these you need to sell compared with the $7 products.

      Once you have a collection of these you put them together into a DVD home study course for $297-$597 see the picture?

      No to go over how to drive traffic relationship building on here would take to long and to many pages.

      however if you would like to talk to me on how we are going to set al this up please call


  15. John

    Hello Mark.

    I just got handed the keys to a million dollar online business opportunity. I am going to need a LOT of assistance with this. Can you please suggest my best course of action?

    Many thanks in advance.

    John in Australia

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hey john,

      If you need private one on one training and help, i can do you a special one off or daily or weekly session on skype for $60 per 30 mins.

      If you want some free advice just post your questions on here and when i get a moment i will reply.

      If you want to proper group coaching from me i am offering a 12 week beginner course at $597 or a 12 week advanced course at $797

      Thanks Mark

      PS: just reply by email skype or on here for help

  16. charles arthur

    I’m a 48yr old father of 3 who become disabled an need to make extra money for my family an don’t no where to start can you till me how to get started please. thank you an God Bless.

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hello Charles,

      Let me tell you from the start internet marketing is NOT a quick fox Quick money making system…. DO NOT BELIEVE ANYONE THAT SAYS IT IS..

      Its true a guru or someone with a big mailing list can send out one offer to there list and make over $100,000 but they have spent many years building the relationship with the list.

      If you can afford it i would suggest you invest in my coaching newbies class when i take it again as its sold out at the moment.
      It is $597 but will how you the correct way to start with internet marketing and i will show you how to make your own product and sell it and build you income each and every month forever ~ not a quick few $7 sales…..

      In the meantime i would suggest you register your domain name and set up your first blog and post about what you are doing ~ this will creat interest and start building traffic.

      Hope that is a start… call me if you stil not sure


  17. Frank

    I got a question. I get emails about joining traffic sites and one of them they say, there is a big hype about right now. Rapid Mass Traffic is one them and I do not the process, I even took a look at the site, but I am not sure about them. Because most of them say you got to get the upgrade and pay for them or else, it sounds like I won’t get anywhere with the site. Mainly, have affiliate ads so far and tried some PPC and they just about robbed me. Let me know. I am patient and determined to make it work.

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi Frank,

      You need to do things to drive traffic to your sites yourself.

      I would start at seo on your own page then start using some of the traffic ideas i suggest like posting on other forums and blogs.

      This does take time and is sometimes boring, but you CAN outsource this.

      Tell me what you are trying to do and for which product?


  18. Tracy

    I just tried to get you’re coaching for newbies and the page said it was sold out. I thought it was free. Anyway, I’m brand new and need someone to show me step by step. Can you help me? Thanks, Tracy

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi Tracy, is my payed coaching 12 week class at $597 and advanced class at $797 but is sold out at the moment as i only take on a small amount of students so i can spend a lot of one on one time with them.

      What i am doing on my site is offering anyone FREE help and advice.

      If of course you are more serious or when to take it to the next level or you may want more of my time you have to pay for it….:)

  19. Segun

    Hi Mark,
    I am happy to see a person like you helping IM newbies out. I know a lot , but I have a lot of hurdles to cross before I can fully lunch out. I am interested in Affiliate Marketing,but without a virtual office I cannot start. I am from part of Africa some Online Merchants do not like to ship materials to. Some of my people who are into the business get a virtual address . I paid somebody to release the address he is using to me up till now is yet to get back to me.

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hello Segan,

      Well you could start with digital products and use paypal for payment or clickbank you should have no problems with that or i know you can get us virtual office addresses for little money.. Type virtual office in google…..


      PS Good Luck

  20. Ella

    Hi mark
    Ella here just wanted to let you know i do want help and i just dont know where to starts ? so what i thought i would do is keep reading your blog and see what every body else problem is and see if thay compair to mine .
    my question is how do you keep from getting so many junkie emails ok

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi Ella,

      Good idea, however if you ask me what you are trying to do i will be able to answer you and help you.

      Mark Terrell

  21. Malcolm T mcKinnell

    Hey Mark

    Your skype group sounds as if it might be a good addition to help people along…would you mind keeping me posted about this…as I think I would like to belong to your group…!!


    Malcolm T.

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi malcolm,

      Sure if everyone can post there skype id on here i will add you to my group where we can all help each other and you can talk to me.

      I need your ids to add you to the group as i have to do this manually.


  22. Remi Vladuceanu

    Hi Mark,

    I just wanted to drop by and say hi 🙂
    This is a great idea you’re doing right here and as I can see there are a lot of folks out there who really need a starting point, a goal, a master plan…
    You’re doing a great job, Mark… really!



  23. Rochelle

    No! I am not a tire kicker or an Internet Marketing hobbyist.
    I am Acutely Serious about making money online in Internet Marketing.
    My Goals/Dreams?
    1) Is to build a house or two on a couple of selected properties (the main house & a guest house).
    No, I don’t want to go into Real Estate as another stream of income (at least, not yet).
    (And yes, I know it can be very profitable)
    2) To pay it forward with starting up a homeless project similar to the Y.E.S. project that Joe Vitale has.
    3) AND a program that helps other low-income people what want to get out of their situation and come into a better life for them and their families.
    I am sure I’ll come up with more as I journey down this road of Financial Freedom.
    My Why?
    To get out of poverty and into prosperity and freedom.
    I have the LOA (Law of Attraction) and Think and Grow Rich mindset.
    I am involved in World Profit, The Gentle Mentor and you as my education towards those goals.
    I know you are probably thinking that that is not advisable to be involved in so many educational Internet Marketing programs (information burn-out?, Naaaa). But, be assured that I want to get as much education in as little time as possible. Or you may be thinking that some programs have different ways of doing the same thing. I realize this, so I do my own dissecting and find my own path using those techniques.
    And I am able to handle it.
    On top of all that, I am an Online student of Graphic Design at AIO (Art Institute Online) carrying a GPA of 3.8.
    Workaholic? Possibly! I am a focused, independent, and very goal oriented person.
    I KNOW what I want and I am achieving it!

    Thank you for asking and caring for us newbies!

    A Millionaire-in-Training

  24. Cheryl Jones

    Hello Mark,

    Well I have been hard at work doing the homework my teacher (you, Mark Terrell) has told me to do. I generally have not been putting in any active links within the posts, but can change that if necessary.

    I have been visiting blogs and reading the posts and making comments and then I add this to the bottom of each comment. Do you approve of it? If not, I will edit it…don’t want to do a lot of work the wrong way! .

    My name is Cheryl Jones and I am one of Mark Terrell’s students. He has asked me to check out some blogs to build traffic and learn from other people’s blogs.

    I’d really appreciate it if you would visit my blog and add a comment and tell me what you think.

    Hoping to meet you there soon.

    Thank you.


    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi Cheryl,

      Glad to have you as one of my students….

      Yes that is fine “ Always make sure you read peoples posts and reply with a comment.. remember never spam.

      Take care


  25. Mark Terrell Post author

    Hi Dawn,

    For some reason alex site seems to be hot by a virus……..

    So its not available at the moment as soon as it is sorted i will let you know ok


  26. Fred Rife

    I have no way to collect leads from the traffic I send to this site how is the cheapest way to do it i have another site purchased with same url to use just not got it all together

  27. Sally Neill

    Hey Mark, I got an email after I commented on your blog, is that a plugin that does that on autopilot, would love to add that feature to my own blog, thought I would ask, as you did say ask anything lol, thanks Sally 🙂

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi sally,

      sure if you subscribed to be notified every time i post a new message then yes you will get a email ….


  28. Julie Watson

    Hi Mark

    Thanks for following me on Twitter. I sent you a DM. Also wanted to stop by your blog and say hello.
    Your blog has a nice clean look to it. I’m considering different themes and the clean, uncluttered theme is very appealing.
    Looking forward to your tweets and future posts.


    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi Julie,

      Thanks for popping by…. yes at the beginning i tried every theme i could lol

      Keep coming back and if you need help just ask.


  29. Johnny

    Hey! what’s your skype? So, my question is do you need a subdomain or multiple domains? do I need to advertise a product and people have to buy them or when they click my afiliate link I get paid?

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hey Jonney,

      My skype is : MARKETINGWITHMARK you can have a subdomain or multiple domains depending on what you are trying to do?

      I sell my own products and affiliate products.


  30. Tunde Tele

    Hi Mark, just dropped by again to catch up on your good updates.
    Your students, Lesley “Wes” Klatt and Allan & Dawn Riley posted on my blog which was great. However, I noticed that their comment box was not activated, so couldn’t leave positive comments for them on their blogs.
    Pls highlight the error to them at your convenience. ..
    Keep smiling, Tunde T.
    P.S. I like the cool WP Theme design by Ori Pearl as modified by you (smile). I’ll return soonest .

    1. Mark *Coaching Newbies* Terrell

      Hi Tunde

      Thanks for the comment. Yes Dawn and Allan and Lesley realized they had a problem but I think it has now been fixed.



  31. koroua ponga

    mark choice this site! man im glad i found it, just bin reading the stories today 26/01/2011 3;46 pm australia time, unreal too much bro, cruzing threw everything when i came across one of your programes you were selling an thought why dont i search your name an glad i found, because i need to learn what u r teachin an going to give this ago 2day thanx

  32. koroua ponga

    hi mark i joined your coaching clinic and on the 5th of feburary weve had a cyclone and havent got power to date,as there has been flooding then we got a cyclone lost a few homes in queensland australia im wondering if i could get on with u at a later date as i just traveled 400klms for power to read all mails and pay bills, as there is no work due to flooding only volunteer work helping to clean up the state, If not possible could i get a refund cause i wont be able to carry on with the homework that u set us every week, thanks hopefully we get power next week i really want to do this course thanks alot cyclone YASI

    1. Mark *Coaching Newbies* Terrell Post author


      Just goto into paypal and click cancel subscription you have only been charged $1

      thanks mark

      ps: any problems let me know


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