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Are You Struggling To Get Your Emails Open?

So now you have some subscriber on your list but no one is opening your emails….

Here’s a thing, so many of us get bombarded with to many junk emails each day
and others  may simply end up in the junk bin.

Remember when you have a subscriber join your list let them know who you are and what product they bought or downloaded and what list they have joined.
It is also worth asking them what information they would like to receive from you.

If you approach your subscribers like this, they will look forward to receiving your emails and open them and you will sell more by helping them more. 🙂

Some of you are suffering to write good email opening lines, so i have included 50 top ones here to help you get started.

50 Top Email Opening Lines:

Brand new!
An amazing story…
This is amazing…
This will blow you away!
Limited offer ends today…
$50 discount for you!
Is this true?
I can’t imagine…
A special message…
A personal note…
This just came in…
Check this out now…
Brand new!
Major announcement…
Major deal…
Grab your gift…
Will you be there ?
Urgent offer…
Powerful stuff…
Are you losing money?
Exclusive offer for subscribers only
Your web site’s profitability…
A personal from YOUR NAME
A personal invitation from YOUR NAME
A quick message from YOUR NAME
Private invitation from YOUR NAME
Quick update from YOUR NAME
Just checking in…
I’m finally spilling my guts…
Here’s something I think you’ll like…
It’s been a while…
Here is the process I used…
A special event you don’t want to miss…
A special offer you don’t want to miss…
Important – I just found out about this…
I goofed…
Still skeptical?
How about this?
What do you think?
Seen this product yet?
Here’s a new idea for you…
You’ll like this…
A great resource i just discovered…
I need your help…
I need your opinion…
Open this before midnight…
Free gift for your subscribers…
Are you making this mistake?
Did you get this?

Click below to download the list.

50 Email Subject Lines



Merry Xmas And Happy New Money Making Year

Hi Guys,

What can i say but SORRY, sorry for not posting more on my blog in 2013.

I have been so busy with my one on one coaching clients and putting together a simple step by step coaching course for 2014
that will move any newbie forward fast !!!

I just like to say merry xmas and a happy new year to all my fans and subscribers.

2014 is going to be the best money making year yet ……… I am back and reseached some ultra quick methods to get you started and moving quickly into profit online.

Your be pleased to know i am opening up a few more places on my $20,000 coaching course and have a new small  Skype group coaching classe for 2014

If your still struggling online click play below to listern to my new mp3 below then get back to me ASAP if you want 2014 to be really exciting and profitable.

Make Money Online ? New Year Resolutions

Well we are fast approaching January 1st, 2012. What a year it can be for you! You can totally turn around your entire life.
Yes – you read that correctly – if you write down the goals you want to achieve for 2012, there is no reason that you cannot turn them into reality. There is only one thing with resolutions – they must be practical and you must be able to achieve them.
Whether you want to further your education, lose weight or make money online or offline – it is all up to you.
When you are writing down your resolutions, I would suggest that you really think clearly what it is you want. Not only do you have to think what you want but you must also have the plans that will allow you to achieve it. You must be able to provide your own solution to reaching the goal.
So let’s take the first one for example. You want to further your education. Find the course you want to do, make sure that you can afford the time to do it and then apply to get accepted. As long as you do the work and study, you will get your certificate or degree on completion.
When you write out what you want to achieve and how long you are going to take to achieve it – it is amazing how easy it becomes. Write a long term plan and then break it into smaller pieces in the time frame. So you start with an end in mind that may be going to take a year to complete, and then break it down into what you have to do each month and then look at what is required of you every day. You must take action. Action is the catalysis for success.
This way, you are constantly aware of where you are along the road to your success. If you are going off the track, you can easily reappraise the situation, make some adjustments and continue to move forward.
If you are thinking about making money online, maybe I can help you. I am looking forward to an amazing 2012 … and sending YOU an exciting training video (no op-tin required) that will show you how to make your first few $1’s online..

Please stop searching for that magic, secret quick overnight riches product and take action!

I will also put it up on my blog here as well.

Quick Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Quick Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Getting your website to the top of the search engines is crucial for a thriving online business. Unfortunately, very few people really know how to do this.

In this tutorial, you’ll get a crash course in what to do to get your website to rank highly. We will cover all the basics in an easy to understand manner so you can apply what you learned right away.
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Hi Guys,

Many of you know i have put a halt to my live advanced weekly webinar coaching as my daughter was rushed into hospital a few weeks ago. I dont want to go into to much detail hear but i need to spend time with her and my family until she is back on track.

I will continue to the advanced class to anyone that wants to wait a few months, as i am sure most of you will understand and can continue to put in place everting i have taught you in the past.

Internet marketing can give you the lifestyle and security but not your health.

I like to thank my students and everyone for there patience and kind words and support.


PS: Even though i am not at my pc much, you will still get my automated emails i have set up in advance with aweber 🙂

Do I Have To Remind You?

Well guys

This week has been a great week for most of my students – some have struggled but most of them have been able to complete the challenges that I have set them. Some unfortunately have not been able to complete the challenges within the week.

Now I know the reasons for this are many and varied. Sometimes it is work or family or a few other commitments that can prevent you from getting everything done within the weekly time frame. But here,  for some of you,  I want to give you all a timely reminder.

One of my students this week contacted me about another program they had bought. Now let me remind all of you, that was one thing that I asked you all not to do – buy unrelated programs. These programs promise an easy way to making fast money but most are far from easy. They are not the magic bullet.

If you do this, you will become distracted and will find yourself also suffering from information overload. You will be paying attention in the wrong area. You will lessen your chance of success in this course and you will find yourself falling further and further behind.

Remember if you need my help, skype me and as soon as I come on line I will contact you. I want you all to stay on track and complete all the challenges that I set you. Always watch the videos first and if you experience any difficulties we will sort it out together.

What we are going to do over the next few weeks is set up various means of getting different streams of income. As I told you last week one of my students who joined my affiliate link has made money. There are several other affiliates of my course who have also managed to get sales.

So guys let’s all stay on track and let’s see how successful each one of you can be.

Christmas is Coming…

Well it is starting to look a lot like Christmas. Yes the shops are filled with all things Christmas and it is very cold here and snowing and it will probably snow for Christmas. It is less than three weeks to Christmas day and what a year it has been.

So let’s review the year. I have managed to conduct two newbies courses and some students actually did both. I really upped the anti in the second course because my students were required to produce their own product and put it up on Clickbank. I still managed to teach my painting classes each month as well.

Unfortunately, I think some newbies are still struggling completing that part of the course but I keep telling them I am still here and prepared to help them. I really want to see them succeed and start to make some money because this was their main motivation for doing the course. So if any of my students still needs my help, as I have said before, email me and I will set up a skype session to help you.

So on a more personal note I am going to have some time with the family for Christmas. Over Christmas and New Year I am going to have a bit of a relaxing time. If you remember last year – I even went out and played in the snow with my wife and daughter.

I believe that Christmas is a family time but unfortunately it has become a very commercialized time and the shops want you to spend money. This is really not the true meaning of Christmas to me. Rather than spending money, I prefer to spend good quality time with the family. That is not to say, there will not be presents, but the time together is what is important to all of us.

So I wish you all a safe happy Christmas and don’t make any New Year’s resolutions that you are not going to keep! Think wisely what you want to do for the New Year and plan it well. We are talking about the rest of your life so think what goals you want to achieve and plan accordingly.

Keeping Focussed

For all the students that still need my help, these are some words of encouragement and please contact me. As I said in my last blog, it is easier to email me first. There are still a few weeks to the Advance Course starts and I want you all to be a success and start making money online.

Have you ever just sat and thought about the really successful people and why are they so successful?

They are certainly no cleverer than you probably – and a lot of the most successful people did not have a formal education. So how did people like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and, in more modern times, Bill Gates achieve the results they have? It is the belief and focus that led to their greatness. Not one of these three people finished college. Bill Gates left Harvard to start Microsoft and Henry Ford and Thomas Edison never even went on to a secondary education. Thomas Edison is known as the forefather of the modern times because of his many inventions.

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