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Merry Xmas And Happy New Money Making Year

Hi Guys,

What can i say but SORRY, sorry for not posting more on my blog in 2013.

I have been so busy with my one on one coaching clients and putting together a simple step by step coaching course for 2014
that will move any newbie forward fast !!!

I just like to say merry xmas and a happy new year to all my fans and subscribers.

2014 is going to be the best money making year yet ……… I am back and reseached some ultra quick methods to get you started and moving quickly into profit online.

Your be pleased to know i am opening up a few more places on my $20,000 coaching course and have a new small  Skype group coaching classe for 2014

If your still struggling online click play below to listern to my new mp3 below then get back to me ASAP if you want 2014 to be really exciting and profitable.


Hi Guys,

Many of you know i have put a halt to my live advanced weekly webinar coaching as my daughter was rushed into hospital a few weeks ago. I dont want to go into to much detail hear but i need to spend time with her and my family until she is back on track.

I will continue to the advanced class to anyone that wants to wait a few months, as i am sure most of you will understand and can continue to put in place everting i have taught you in the past.

Internet marketing can give you the lifestyle and security but not your health.

I like to thank my students and everyone for there patience and kind words and support.


PS: Even though i am not at my pc much, you will still get my automated emails i have set up in advance with aweber 🙂

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alex jeffreys group on propellers website

alex jeffreys group on propellers website

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Alex Jeffery's Online Coaching Students

If You Are On Alex Jeffery’s Coaching Program And Would like
Your Name & link Added Here Please Email Me.

more students added:

This is an additional list of the students of Alex as I have been able to pick up so far there may be a few the same have not had time to correct……

Al Bushert

Al Vaughan

Alan Kiel

Allan Wilson

André T


Ann Marie Dennis

Bill Stafford

Bill Vannot

Bob Beckman
Bobby Winchell
Brian Welsh

Carl Morris


Cindy Parker

Clint Herman

Colin P
Craig Maxwell

Daniel J
Dave Orchard

Dave Pumfrey

Des Thomas

Di Chapman

Doston Stanley

Ed Wellman

Egan Myers

Frankie Sng
Graham Carisbrick

Hilary Dickinson
Honey Wesley

Jack Stacey
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Jim Gallagher
Joe Green
Joe Trueman

John Bullard

John Huver

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Joshua Collins
Jozef Antony

Judith Hoffman

Juergen Vollmer

Kath Ibbetson

Ken Douglas
Kevin Griffith

Lesley Morgan

Manie Thomas
Mark Call
Mark Conrad

Mark Luciano

Mark Terrell

Matt Cross

Max Vogt

Michael Adams

Michael Wuest

Morten Bergsten
Nicos Melanarkitis

Nigel Booker

Nikita Levitan
Nikki Stephens

Paul Moore

Paul Nicholls

Paul Truman
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Richard Moloney
Rob Byrd

Robert Humphreys

Rovaal Rotemon
Ruth Stewart
Ryan Price

Scott Thrall

Susan Boscola

Susan Livingston
Ted Boatwright
Theresa Mayhew
Thom Swartwood


Tim B
Valerie Davies

Vince Craine

Warner Carter
Wendy Wood

Alex Jeffery’s Coaching Program

– Alex Jeffreys

Just a few short years ago Alex Jeffreys was a newbie within the internet marketing arena, a self-proclaimed “puppy marketer.” In 2004, at the age of 23, he quit his job to pursue his dream of building an online empire… however he hit some bumps along the way and made the same mistakes most beginning internet marketers do. BUT in December 2007 he changed his way of doing business by just following a few simple steps and now many of the big dogs of the internet marketing world are watching him.

Even with a smaller list than most, this year alone he has generated well over $140,000 just from email marketing! By the end of the year he is on track to make at least $250,000!

Now that Alex has burst onto the internet marketing scene, many of the top online gurus and super affiliates are phoning him for support and help. The New Era of the internet is here and the gurus have become outdated. And they are all wanting Alex’s new, simple system that allows for success.

Alex has followed one simple system that has launched his successful and lucrative internet marketing career. He is now known as one of the fastest growing internet marketers online – while at the same time he is still able to travel the world living a lifestyle that many could only dream of.

BUT – Alex is about to make the dream a reality for you. Anyone who is willing to listen to his step by step blueprint for success can make their dreams a reality too.

Alex will walk you through the exact steps necessary to create an online business in this New Era of internet marketing (these are things even the Gurus don’t know!) Get ready… Alex will introduce you to the cutting edge way to build an online business and how the Gurus are outdated and obsolete.

Hi All,
I attended Alex Jeffreys personal online coaching session last night at 11pm.. What a marathon session that was… I stayed up until 3.30am listening to all the questions and answers after the module.
I would just like to say to Alex the information you gave me last night has so far saved me hours of time today, because I have started to Organize… It has been the best $500 I have spent so far….
I have taken action and YES created this blog in my first day.. and posted a comment…
It has taken me 6 hours, to register a domain, host the site, install WordPress blog software, and learn my way to post.
Alex you are so fired up and passionate about helping us all succeed with you, my friend and mentor you deserve your GOLDEN NUGGET that is chasing you.
All the best
Mark Terrell
Internet Marketer