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Do I Have To Remind You?

Well guys

This week has been a great week for most of my students – some have struggled but most of them have been able to complete the challenges that I have set them. Some unfortunately have not been able to complete the challenges within the week.

Now I know the reasons for this are many and varied. Sometimes it is work or family or a few other commitments that can prevent you from getting everything done within the weekly time frame. But here,  for some of you,  I want to give you all a timely reminder.

One of my students this week contacted me about another program they had bought. Now let me remind all of you, that was one thing that I asked you all not to do – buy unrelated programs. These programs promise an easy way to making fast money but most are far from easy. They are not the magic bullet.

If you do this, you will become distracted and will find yourself also suffering from information overload. You will be paying attention in the wrong area. You will lessen your chance of success in this course and you will find yourself falling further and further behind.

Remember if you need my help, skype me and as soon as I come on line I will contact you. I want you all to stay on track and complete all the challenges that I set you. Always watch the videos first and if you experience any difficulties we will sort it out together.

What we are going to do over the next few weeks is set up various means of getting different streams of income. As I told you last week one of my students who joined my affiliate link has made money. There are several other affiliates of my course who have also managed to get sales.

So guys let’s all stay on track and let’s see how successful each one of you can be.

Welcome to 2011.

Let me state one truth – this is going to be your year. Yes that is correct, if you are struggling in the field of Internet Marketing – I can help make it your year. If you are prepared to work to improve your present position then I can help fill in the missing parts and make this your best year yet.

There is not magic bullet or magic wand to success.  No one has ever become a success overnight. You hear this saying but it is not true – you had better believe it.  The truth is, when people are given the label of “Overnight Success”, they will be able to prove to you that they have been working towards their success for a long time.

So how do you become the success you want to be?  Your success is dependent on you, your mindset and how you plan to achieve and how you will carry out your plan.  Your mindset is the major part of your success. Let me put it this way – “If you believe that you can achieve – you will”. I am sure that you have all heard or read report of experiments where people have volunteered for medical trials involving the use of some drug treatment. It may be weight loss or pain reduction but these people volunteer known that half of them will be given the correct treatment and the other half will be given a placebo.  No one knows who has the correct medication for the problem or who have been given the placebo.

The group is monitored throughout the period and the results are collated at the conclusion of the trial. The results prove that some people taking the placebo achieved the same results as those taking the correct drug.

How does this happen? It is the power of the mind that allows this to happen – it is as simple as that. People believe that they are given the correct treatment and their mind accepts that they will get better.

So if you start with the positive mindset that you will achieve – the sky is the limit. The other part of this equation is that you have to be prepared to work towards your goals.

Write out your plan and the time you believe that you will take to achieve your desired results. Break these goals into smaller section that you want to achieve, each month, each week and then each day.

Now if you need help to achieve your goals, I have already created a course that will allow you to know exactly the direction you are going to enable you to reach your goals. It is designed as a week by week recorded webinar that will teach you step by step. You cannot jump ahead because it is time sensitive and following week is delivered 7 days after the previous week. This is the easiest way by far for you to become the success in Internet Marketing that you know you can be. You can sign up for seven days for $1.00 and get unlimited access to Week 1 of the Coaching Newbies Course and the members’ area.

Christmas is Coming…

Well it is starting to look a lot like Christmas. Yes the shops are filled with all things Christmas and it is very cold here and snowing and it will probably snow for Christmas. It is less than three weeks to Christmas day and what a year it has been.

So let’s review the year. I have managed to conduct two newbies courses and some students actually did both. I really upped the anti in the second course because my students were required to produce their own product and put it up on Clickbank. I still managed to teach my painting classes each month as well.

Unfortunately, I think some newbies are still struggling completing that part of the course but I keep telling them I am still here and prepared to help them. I really want to see them succeed and start to make some money because this was their main motivation for doing the course. So if any of my students still needs my help, as I have said before, email me and I will set up a skype session to help you.

So on a more personal note I am going to have some time with the family for Christmas. Over Christmas and New Year I am going to have a bit of a relaxing time. If you remember last year – I even went out and played in the snow with my wife and daughter.

I believe that Christmas is a family time but unfortunately it has become a very commercialized time and the shops want you to spend money. This is really not the true meaning of Christmas to me. Rather than spending money, I prefer to spend good quality time with the family. That is not to say, there will not be presents, but the time together is what is important to all of us.

So I wish you all a safe happy Christmas and don’t make any New Year’s resolutions that you are not going to keep! Think wisely what you want to do for the New Year and plan it well. We are talking about the rest of your life so think what goals you want to achieve and plan accordingly.

Keeping Focussed

For all the students that still need my help, these are some words of encouragement and please contact me. As I said in my last blog, it is easier to email me first. There are still a few weeks to the Advance Course starts and I want you all to be a success and start making money online.

Have you ever just sat and thought about the really successful people and why are they so successful?

They are certainly no cleverer than you probably – and a lot of the most successful people did not have a formal education. So how did people like Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and, in more modern times, Bill Gates achieve the results they have? It is the belief and focus that led to their greatness. Not one of these three people finished college. Bill Gates left Harvard to start Microsoft and Henry Ford and Thomas Edison never even went on to a secondary education. Thomas Edison is known as the forefather of the modern times because of his many inventions.

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Coaching Course – Week 10 – Not The End

Well guys as all of my students know, I completed the last lesson of their course yesterday. It is sad in a way, but I am certainly not leaving my students. I have told anyone who has not yet completed all the lessons and got their book up on Clickbank, I will still be available to help you.

I would suggest that you email me because I have other projects that I am now working on and I might not always be available on Skype immediately. Do not worry; I will get back to you at my earliest opportunity.

I was asked the other day what qualities are essential to be a good internet marketer. Internet marketing requires skill but it also requires the correct mindset, persistence, time and energy. This was my immediate answer to that question.

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Video Marketing

What is the fastest upcoming way to promote your business, services or product?  Simply – video marketing. Apart from this there are many ways to get traffic to your site through other forms of advertising and other conventional methods; but video marketing is streaks ahead. People prefer to watch a video than read all the information that can be presented to them.

With video marketing you are able to connect immediately with a prospective customer or client. The old adage “A picture speaks a thousand words” is definitely true. Video gives you the opportunity, to not only advertise your product or service, but it allows you to add your face, your voice and your personality.

Videos are a cheap form of advertising – unless you are getting it done professionally.  There are several video recording programs available and these will give your product a more professional look and feel when using a web cam and microphone. You can also do a video slide presentation very quickly and easily and then just do a voice over.

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Driving Traffic Using SEO

traffic_signal_2One of the biggest challenges that all internet marketers face is getting targeted traffic to their site. There are several ways to drive traffic to your website.

One of the most popular ways is through Search Engine Optimization. There is two parts to SEO – on page SEO and off page SEO.

A few things you should know about “on page”. Always start with keyword research. Google provide an excellent free tool for this – Google Keyword Tool. When you are purchasing a domain name, ensure that your main keyword is in that domain. When you are posting on your blog, use the keyword in the title of your blog. Keyword density must also be considered. It should be between 3-5%. Anymore many make the blog or article appear to be spam.  Make sure you use header tags and meta tags. You can use internal links from one of your pages to another. Always make certain that you only use unique content. These are some of the “on page” factors that Google loves and will increase your ranking and help get you traffic.

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