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Make Money Online ? New Year Resolutions

Well we are fast approaching January 1st, 2012. What a year it can be for you! You can totally turn around your entire life.
Yes – you read that correctly – if you write down the goals you want to achieve for 2012, there is no reason that you cannot turn them into reality. There is only one thing with resolutions – they must be practical and you must be able to achieve them.
Whether you want to further your education, lose weight or make money online or offline – it is all up to you.
When you are writing down your resolutions, I would suggest that you really think clearly what it is you want. Not only do you have to think what you want but you must also have the plans that will allow you to achieve it. You must be able to provide your own solution to reaching the goal.
So let’s take the first one for example. You want to further your education. Find the course you want to do, make sure that you can afford the time to do it and then apply to get accepted. As long as you do the work and study, you will get your certificate or degree on completion.
When you write out what you want to achieve and how long you are going to take to achieve it – it is amazing how easy it becomes. Write a long term plan and then break it into smaller pieces in the time frame. So you start with an end in mind that may be going to take a year to complete, and then break it down into what you have to do each month and then look at what is required of you every day. You must take action. Action is the catalysis for success.
This way, you are constantly aware of where you are along the road to your success. If you are going off the track, you can easily reappraise the situation, make some adjustments and continue to move forward.
If you are thinking about making money online, maybe I can help you. I am looking forward to an amazing 2012 … and sending YOU an exciting training video (no op-tin required) that will show you how to make your first few $1’s online..

Please stop searching for that magic, secret quick overnight riches product and take action!

I will also put it up on my blog here as well.