Hi Guys,

Many of you know i have put a halt to my live advanced weekly webinar coaching as my daughter was rushed into hospital a few weeks ago. I dont want to go into to much detail hear but i need to spend time with her and my family until she is back on track.

I will continue to the advanced class to anyone that wants to wait a few months, as i am sure most of you will understand and can continue to put in place everting i have taught you in the past.

Internet marketing can give you the lifestyle and security but not your health.

I like to thank my students and everyone for there patience and kind words and support.


PS: Even though i am not at my pc much, you will still get my automated emails i have set up in advance with aweber 🙂

4 thoughts on “I NEVER SAW THIS COMING….

  1. Sue McDonald

    Mark, I am sure when something like this happens it requires that everyone pull together. I hope all goes well for the whole family and you will be able to start back on the net soon.



    1. Mark *Coaching Newbies* Terrell Post author

      Hi Sue, yes thanks it takes a lot out of you!

      The good news is she is on the mend and is now thinking positively towards the future…..

      Thanks you for your support


  2. Daryl Mau

    So, so sorry to hear about your daughter. I have one of my own and she has had to undergo brain operations three in all but she is doing fine so far and has stopped feeling terrible. I’ll include you and your loved ones in our prayers. Just really wanted to put a comment on your blog as I had found,
    coachingnewbies,is very well written and valuable to my growth in this industry.
    Thank You, Mark.
    Warm Regards to you and your loved ones,
    Daryl Mau


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