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Again this week, I have had students asking how I get more traffic and increase my opt in list. My reply has been – have you forgotten what you did throughout your course?

Let’s go back and relook at what methods were working for you while you were doing your course. I am not putting these in any particular order.

After we created your blogs, we started driving traffic to them. The first way, we added a free product to our blog. Then we basically invited people to visit our blog by posting on other peoples blogs to get backlinks. This is a good strategy but can be very time consuming.

Another way we got traffic was by going to Warrior Forum and becoming a member. There are other forums in Internet Marketing such as and also . But the best by far is Warrior.

How do you get traffic from forums? When you sign up you will be able to get a signature block where you include your URL. Digital point will want you to have a minimum of 10 posts and wait 7 days before you can have a signature block. You ask questions or you answer questions but always portray yourself as an authority on your particular subject niche. If you have a book on driving traffic in your signature – never ask a question about traffic.

Another way in the Warrior Forum is to do a Warrior Special Offer (WSO). I believe that you have to have at least 40-50 posts to your credit before you can do this but they have just recently changed some of the rules in Warrior so I would check that out. The cost of a WSO is $40. When you do a WSO have an article that you have written or a series of videos or even an ebook but it must be unique. Do not tarnish your reputation with a doggy PLR that has been around for a long time. Just create a squeeze page, a thankyou page and your download page.

Another strategy I explained to you was ad swapping. You can ad swap in forums but be very careful and ask questions. People who get you to send to your list but fail to send to their lists are known in forums as “list rapists” and they are named and shamed. One of the best ad swap sites that I would recommended to you is Here you can see your opens as well as the other persons opens.  Another site is and they try to monitor what goes on here.

If you are a member of a chat room you can always post the size of your lists and ask if anyone is interested in an ad swap. If the person you are swapping has a list of 1000 and you only have 500 be prepared to send out for them twice. Most people would be happy with that and often offer a different product for the second swap.

Another site I recommend is This is a joint venture site where there are thousand of members.

Don’t just rely on one strategy alone, still use any or all of these, because you will get the results and definitely see your subscriber list grow.

3 thoughts on “Traffic Strategies

  1. Tom Harvey


    Great post, simple yet effective – so important not to forget the basics (which have delivered results) and use them as a springboard to grow and develop both our lists and businesses.
    All the best


    1. Mark *Coaching Newbies* Terrell Post author

      Hi Tom

      Yes sometimes people forget the basics. Without traffic to your site, what are you going to achieve?



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