Internet Marketing Is Not All About the Money!

ski1Now I know a lot of you out there have jut read the subject line and think – Mark are you crazy?

Why are we all trying so hard if you are now saying it’s not about the money?
I will tell you categorically that it is definitely not about the money but it is about the lifestyle the money will give you.
If someone said to you what do you think that living a happy, satisfying life would entail – what would you answer? The answer would probably be something like – having a happy family, living in a comfortable house by the beach and driving my dream car. You agree? Now, there was no mention of money just what you envisaged your life should be.
I have asked this question several time of my students over the years and they come back with various answers but never have I been told just show me heaps of cash. The money is only a means whereby you can have the life you want.
Internet marketing can give you that lifestyle. It is not an immediate way to make money but if you get yourself a coach/mentor and are prepared to put in your time and abide by what you are taught, you will achieve. I too, had to get taught by a mentor/coach.
Now after a few years of hard work (and I am still prepared to work hard with my students) I have achieved a respectable level of success that allows me to have my comfortable life style. What you do is set up multiple streams of income that make money for you over and over again. I can teach you how to do it.
That is why; I have been able in the last few weeks, to have some time for me and my family. This is what I have been doing.


Just get a load of this- not bad eh?
Have you every read Napolean Hills book – Think and Grow Rich? Although written in 1938 (boy that was a life time ago) this book is still applicable today. I would suggest if you haven’t read it that your grab a free copy right here It will help you in your quest to succeed.

21 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Is Not All About the Money!

  1. Sally Neill

    Hey Mark

    The photos are cool, looks like a lot of fun.

    Money is not the be all and end all, but like you said, it certainly helps fund a nice lifestyle.

    Got my mentor in Alex Jeffreys, so I am just going to knuckle down and hope it all finally clicks into place, I am aware it takes time, so I am happy to work my butt off right now and have a go on a jet ski in a year’s time lol.

    Sally 🙂

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hey Sally,

      Yes really enjoyed that day …..

      If you need help with anything alex is teaching you or cant get hold of his great support, i am always here…


  2. Sue McDonald

    Hi Mark

    That looks great. I can appreciate that you want to enjoy your summer weather. I agree totally. If you do all the work you want a reward and it looks like you have done the work and now reaping your rewards.

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hey sue,

      yes i have been out as much as possible ….

      it cant be all work and no play LOL


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  4. Barry Wells

    Hi Mark, so very true. I’m now concentrating on creating products that i will be giving away for an opt-in. My aim at the moment is to build a list of people that open the emails.

    I’m hoping that free items with backend sales will cover all corners. Fingers crossed.

    Regards, barry

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi Barry,

      Yes offering products for free to get opt-ins ids a great way to increase your list size…
      However make sure that what you give away is of great value and good content and the money will follow you.

      If you need to chat about any ideas just call


  5. jonny balfour

    hey mark, your totally right, the internet gives you so much more than people think. obviously the money is fantastic but its the freedom that the money gives you. looks like your reaping the rewards as sue said.

    talk soon mate

    Your In Success
    Jonny Balfour

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi Jonny,

      Far to many people are chasing the money and suffer from information overload…

      You just need clear direction and make time for you and your family.


  6. Jonathan Zide

    Chasing money is like chasing a Leprechaun. You’ll probably never catch it…and if you somehow ever do, it will trick you to let it go.

    Help people and the rewards will come. You just have to be patient.

  7. Alice

    Hello Mark,

    Great Post in fact Great Blog! I have looked around quite a bit and found a lot of interesting information! I even enjoyed the question and answer section.

    I agree that money is not the be all, end all. I do however look forward to making enough so that I can quite my day job and enjoy a lifestyle of more freedom.

    Thanks for all the helpful info!


  8. Andy Beveridge

    Hi Mark,

    First time I have dropped by. Like the theme by the way. Clean and easy to read. I too was on AJ’s coaching course. It took me awhile to get things going but I eventually saw the light and now I live in the south of France. Have laptop will travel.
    Still struggle to make my blog as interative as some of you guys, but the list building was what bought me freedom.
    Take care

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi Andy,

      AJ Helped me stop buying products and then i sat down and worked out how and why i keep buying the products and used that for my own products…..

      The rest as they say is history…

      If you still need help with anything including anything AJ taught you and don’t understand…just call or email…

      Thanks mark

  9. Anthony Tilley

    Hi Mark

    Absolutely right. Money is nice but spending time with your famliy doing the things you enjoy is far more important.

    When our kids grow up will the remember the fact that Dad worked all the hours God sent and paid off the mortgage early, or will they remember the great times they spent with dad doing cool stuff?

    Getting a mentor; definately the best path to follow, learn from someone who has made the mistakes first so you don’t have to.

    Good luck with your coaching program.


    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi Anthony,

      Thanks for the kind words….

      My coaching is going very well thanks and i will be adding a page on the students and there success,


  10. Tunde Tele

    Many thanks Mark for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog.
    Really appreciate it and I’m kind of impressed as most guru’s are not as hands on as you are. Your students are lucky to hae you as their mentor from what I’ve seen on your coaching blog, you come across as genuine and wanting to over deliver and offer support to your students.

    I see one of your students, Sue *Ozzie* McDonand also visited and posted a comment on my blog – For a Newbie, she is doing great and liked her post on how she ranked #1 for her name on google – awesome! Traffic generation is a subject close to my heart and was excited by her achievement. She deserves browny point for the initiative and for her kind comments. I suspect she is on track to becoming one of your most successfukl students (smile). Pls say Hi to her from me and that I look forward to her return visit. I see you are giving so much away for FREE on your Q&A page. Congrats and I’ve bookmarked your blog and hers to revisit from time to time. Pls check your site – your link to JRBiasi appear broken.

    Kind Regards
    Tunde Tele
    Easy Web Traffic Generation

    1. Mark *Coaching Newbies* Terrell Post author

      Hello Tunde,

      I like to be hands on and go that little bit extra for my students as there succes is mine too.

      I always over deliver with webinars going on 6 hours long untill all questions have been answered.

      Sue Mcdonald is doing really well is is getting placed ready for her product launch.

      You see i have my students creating many back-links, posting on blogs and creating many natural ways of driving traffic to there blogs so as you know it takes a bit of time to get ranked.

      Sue got to no 1 for her name which is great as when she started her blog she was about 6 pages down ….

      I wish you success with your projects too

      Thanks for the visit.


  11. LaTonya

    Mark that is so true! It’s about the lifestyle, period.

    I’m so looking forward to seeing the fruit of my labor, yet I’m also enjoying the journey. I have so much to give the world. I am very confident that once I get this down, the possibilities are endless regarding how I will impact the world.

    Thanks for this post. I really needed it.



    1. Mark *Coaching Newbies* Terrell

      Hi La Tonya

      Enjoyed follow my students and liked reading the comments as well. Yes it does seem to take time on this journey but with your attitude you will be a success.




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