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Internet Marketing Is Not All About the Money!

ski1Now I know a lot of you out there have jut read the subject line and think – Mark are you crazy?

Why are we all trying so hard if you are now saying it’s not about the money?
I will tell you categorically that it is definitely not about the money but it is about the lifestyle the money will give you.
If someone said to you what do you think that living a happy, satisfying life would entail – what would you answer? The answer would probably be something like – having a happy family, living in a comfortable house by the beach and driving my dream car. You agree? Now, there was no mention of money just what you envisaged your life should be.
I have asked this question several time of my students over the years and they come back with various answers but never have I been told just show me heaps of cash. The money is only a means whereby you can have the life you want.
Internet marketing can give you that lifestyle. It is not an immediate way to make money but if you get yourself a coach/mentor and are prepared to put in your time and abide by what you are taught, you will achieve. I too, had to get taught by a mentor/coach.
Now after a few years of hard work (and I am still prepared to work hard with my students) I have achieved a respectable level of success that allows me to have my comfortable life style. What you do is set up multiple streams of income that make money for you over and over again. I can teach you how to do it.
That is why; I have been able in the last few weeks, to have some time for me and my family. This is what I have been doing.


Just get a load of this- not bad eh?
Have you every read Napolean Hills book – Think and Grow Rich? Although written in 1938 (boy that was a life time ago) this book is still applicable today. I would suggest if you haven’t read it that your grab a free copy right here It will help you in your quest to succeed.