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Questions and AnswersHi Guys,
I have had so many emails from people asking me questions
on how to make money online?.

So i have decided to create a questions and answers page where anyone can ask me a question on Internet Marketing and i will reply personally to every single post each week.

To many people are still struggling to make any money and 97% fail- WHY

If you have a blog, squeeze page or a website that you need help with let me know and i will review it for free for you.

So click on this link or click on the Q&A page and leave your comment today.

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  1. Tamishia

    ***Note I just realized that you set up this post for the comment I had on another post so I re-posted my comment here.****

    I’m obviously a newbie at this whole internet marketing business, but I am determined to learn everything I possibly can to make this a success for me. However, like every newbie, I have a lot of questions. I need help with my website, it’s not set up like I want it to be set up. My goal is to have a home page that has an about me section, a products section, and a links page, but I have no clue how to set that up. Right now I’m in the position where I can only afford the types of trafficking and internet marketing tools that are free. So I’m grateful for your free coaching website.

    Here’s what I want to do, I want to set up a ecommerce store that sells fashion accessories like handbags, jewelry, designer shoes for women, but I want it to be mainly hands off in a sense that people order from me and I dropship their order through a wholesaler to them. But I have been bombarded with so much information that it is overwhelming.

    I also want to sell ebooks and products through clickbank and other ebook/internet product type websites. The niches that I am interested in are internet marketing, weight loss, and personal development. I have a website that I created for free it’s however I want to set it up in a way that people can click on a photo that will link them to the various niches of products that I want to sell . So for instance I want to have it set up where they click on a picture of a measuring tape or someone working out and that picture link will direct them to the blog that I have and a list/collage of other pictures of products that are available under that niche. It would be great if you could review my website and give me pointers and feedback.

    Also I have no clue how to set up a squeeze page. I know that it would be beneficial to my business to have one, but I need assistance on how to set one up where it will prompt the customer to opt-in to my site so I can capture their information for future marketing campaigns.

    I have several other questions about selling on Ebay and using Ebay to gain additional traffic and just gaining traffic in general.

    I appreciate your assistance in this matter and I look forward to hearing back from you soon. I wish I had known about your free coaching giveaway I would have competed for it as I could use an excellent coach for all the things I want to do online. By the way is there a way to do everything I listed in an automated format to where I can do most of everything at the push of a button, or is that a myth? The reason I ask is because most of the types of marketing I am doing currently takes hours to complete and I am completely exhausted after being online for hours attempting to get my site backlinked and ranked in the search engines.

    Anyway, hopefully you will be able to respond soon. Please email me if for some reason you are not able to respond to my comment on here.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance.


    Tamishia Clayborn

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      OK Tamishia,

      I would concentrate on just ONE site or thing to start with or you will suffer from information overload.
      Once you have one site making money move onto the next and so on.

      First decide which niche you like first and stick with that.

      Selling ebooks and affiliate products unless you already have massive traffic or a big list will be hard for you.

      You need to learn the basics and understand what makes people buy from you and you need to know how to set all this up correctly.

      Now you say you have little money correct ? well would you get into a car and drive it on a road with no lessons? NO

      So why would you not find the money for lessons on how to correctly make money ?

      what i will tell you is you can buy $7 ebooks and $27 videos for years and still not understand why you are not making sales..

      You need the support and backing from someone that is making money now… not just “SELLING YOU THE DREAM”

      If someone is selling a ebook and video that tells you how to make $100,000 in a month and that everyone was doing it do you think it would be $27? no it would be for sale at about $10,000+

      You can make a lot of money in internet marketing but it does take time .


      PS: if you need to talk about which direction to take contact me.

  2. Mirtha Fasce

    Where I can found a lesson thath explain me how to upload from the File Zilla to my host: I need an expication for idiots; I feel like thath

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hello Mirtha,

      If you give me a call on skype at “: marketingwithmark : i will go over it for free with you.


  3. Karen

    Hi Mark,

    I had so many questions, then I signed up for your class thank you for all the support you have given me. I would appreciate it if you would stop by my blog and leave a comment:

    Thank You

    1. Mark Terrell Post author

      Hi Karen,

      I am so pleased to have you as one of my students……

      You are doing all that is required of you and more…..

      I will pop along to your blog and leave a comment….

      See you on the webinar


  4. Akena Daniel

    What is internet marketing ? Can you simplify for us this thing so we can get to understand very clearly otherwise its very good deal we are interested.


    1. Mark *Coaching Newbies* Terrell Post author

      Internet Marketing can be many things, however the clue is in the words ” Internet And Marketing”
      So we are marketing (selling or trying to sell) a product on the internet.

      Hope that answers your question..



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