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Lee McIntyre's Manchester Workshop 09

Guys if there is just one seminar or workshop you can afford, then it should be one of LEE MCINTYRES !

Surprisingly there was NO selling, The whole 2 day workshop was filled with valuable content to show you how to increase your sales, using the method lee is now using to drive his business to over $100,000 a month and onto over a million dollars this year.

lee mckintyre's Manchester Workshop Lee McIntyre’s Manchester Workshop Included Beer Drinking !!

Why does lee show you behind the scens and leave nothing out…. so you can copy what he is DOING….and make more money.

Ok So what did Mark Terrell get out of this weekend with Lee McIntyre ?

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Am I Mad ? I Am Giving Away My Outsource Explosion Book For FREE

HB_250 Am I Mad ? Well No ….

I have decided to give away my 44 page book called “Outsource Explosion” that i sell for $47 for FREE.

Yes, i here you say but you want me email ! But NO i am giving this book away to my regular readers of my blog and list without the need to sign up to my email list.

It is just a way of me offering more good value and helping new internt marketers acheve there goal of making money online.

If you want to do something for me, just post a comment on my blog to tell me if you are interested in attending a FREE live Webinar with me and comment on which topic you would like me to discuss.

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Get More Traffic To Your Blog By Adding More To Your Ping List


Adding More Services To Your Ping List

Your ping list is a list of services that will be sent a ping, each time and every time you update your blog.

You can update this list by clicking on “Settings” on your dashboard then click the word “writing”.

The Ping List option is at the bottom of the page under the heading “Update Services”.

Obviously the more services that you add the better. But, the longer your list the more server resources you blog will use. Continue reading