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Coaching Newbies Newsletter Launch


I’m getting ready to share a secret with you….

I’ve been working on something for weeks on end now, day and night. Brainstorming ideas and really pouring my thoughts out on paper.

Then I got together with a few of my fellow internet marketers, we put our heads together, and came up with something. Something spectacular!

And I’m about to reveal to you, just some of what it is.

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Still Cant Build Your Email List?

maillistStill Cant Build Your Email List ?

Are you having trouble building your email list or are your opt-ins opt-in out….. Most gurus recommend bombarding your list every day with poor quality affiliate products…..once you get a 100 or so on your list. WRONG !!!!

They can do this because there list is so big usually 100000+ if they alienate a few thousand followers they don’t really care, the sales are the more important…..

As a newbie you HAVE TO build trust and look after your list by giving them good value products…..

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Driving Traffic To Your Blogs

trafficmagnetDriving traffic to your Blog sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Well, trust me it’s not. you may have the best blog in the world but if no one sees it, you wont make a sale.

You need to find a way through which you can drive targeted visitors to your site.

Most people drive traffic to your Blog is through natural search engine optimization like google search. This is by far the slowest process, but it is also one of the best ways of driving continued traffic over time.

Natural search engine traffic generally entails getting as many links back to your site. Now i would not recommend using link farms, as the major search engines are devaluing reciprocal links in favor of one-way links.

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A Fresh New Beginning!

successSet backs And A Fresh New Beginning!

Some of you may be wondering what’s going on…

All of these changes to my blog, new header graphics, an entirely new look and feel, and finally some new posts after all of this time.

Well, I have something a bit personal to share with you so you understand why all of these changes with my online business.

For any of you that do not know me, I started this blog way back in October of 2008 after taking the Marketing With Alex 1.0 Mentorship program. And everything was going so well for me.

I was starting to see some amazing results, my list was growing day by day, the traffic to my blog was climbing and I was earning money. My first sale was actually made just two weeks into the program!

Then slowly, I started to get sick. I wasn’t feeling well at all. Eating made me sick and I found that I could not hold any food in. Over time, I found it hard to function. And I’m a healthy guy. I go to the gym, I don’t smoke or drink. So imagine how an illness affected me….

And I suffered for six long months, and wasn’t able to work at all, so my online business was at a stand still, because I was just not well enough to put any time into it. And understand, that when you have an illness, you get hit pretty hard financially.

But after time, and lots of testing, the doctors finally made a diagnosis, and that was the starting point of my recovery. And I am so relieved, just to let all of you know that I am 95% better now!

Then an exciting thing happened to me.

Alex Jeffreys was about to run his Marketing With Alex 2.0 Mentorship program, i asked him if i could be part of his team and help the new students out with my tech skills. And to teach them what I have learnt about internet marketing.

Alex new i was pro-active helping out on the first course and he gladly accepted my offer.

What can I say to Alex Jeffreys? “Thank You My Friend”

So the new look and feel of my blog?

This is me now. Better, healthier, and up and running again!

I have been helping many of the new students set up there blogs and helping them with ideas to drive traffic.

This time round I have a lot of new ideas and new projects that I am working on with my team. I will be sharing all of this on upcoming blog posts.

So what can I say?

Stay tuned.

Because there will be a lot of new, exciting things coming your way……….

Mark Terrell


Starting my new blog

Starting my new blog

Hello Everyone, i am just updating my blog design.. i hope you all like it, its 4am uk time so i need to get some sleep.

I will post what i am doing on here later today.

A few mods to do, and add a few plugins.

If you think of anything to inprove my blog please leave a comment.