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Why Information is the Perfect Product!

Many really successful Internet gurus been selling information for years now, and earning many times there old job used to pay (and the amount goes up every year).

Information is the perfect product for three reasons:

1. It’s easy to produce.
2. It’s inexpensive to produce.
3. It can be immediately received.

Simple but true.

We are all looking for the next best thing, but the next best thing is right in front of our eyes.

To build your business you have to learn it first.. would you drive a car before taking lessons?

Build you online business slowly but surly, creating your list with genuine opportunity seekeres, offer them real value and go out of your way to help them… Remember if they make money… so do you!

If you sell them a rubbish $7 ebook or worse they will not buy from you again.

Only sell or give away a good ebook… Read it yourself first, see if YOU think you have learnt something from it. If you have then fine if not dont sell it.

Mark terrell

Adding Blog Pop Up Windows Using Awebber

Adding Pop Up Windows in your wordpress blog is easy if you have a Awebber account.

First go to your Awebber Acount, if you don’t have one go here

Goto your ‘List setting’ and click on the ‘Web Form Tab’. Click the green ‘Create A Web Form’ button.

On the Form Page click the ‘Exit pop-up’ or which ever one you fancy under TYPE:

Go down to TITLE: and add your words here then, go down to THANK YOU PAGE: leave it as Awebber default or change this to yours.

Click Next button at the bottom of page, you will now see a new web form shown.

Look at the form bar for ‘GET HTML’ & click there, this will display your forms javascript, copy this to notepad.

Exit & open up your Blog & enter your user name and password into admin.

Click on the ‘Design Tab’, then click ‘Widgets’.

On the lefthand side you will see all the available widgets.

First take a look on the right hand side of the page where it says ‘CURRENT WIDGETS, you will see a drop-down tab there, which will probably say ‘Sidebar1’ and a button next to this.. called ‘Show.’

Under this Button you will see any widgets that are already installed on that side bar, If you have two side bars click the drop-down to display sidebar 2 and click the show button.

On the left hand side of the page.. click the’ Text ADD link.’

Now you will see a Text Bar on the right, your page under CURRENT WIDGETS, click the ‘Edit link’ and then past the javascript from your notepad that you coped from Awebber, into this space.. you dont need a title here.

Now click the change and the ‘Save Changes’ Button.

Well Done you have now created your pop up sign up window….

Hope this helps

Mark Terrell

Ps: I will be adding a How To Video Soon

To Be Included In Garry’s Parkes Newsletter

To Be Included In Garry’s Parkes Newsletter You Need To Do Four Things.

1. Add a comment to garys thread:

2. Be on his Blogroll ask him to add you.

3. Get a blogroll set up on your blog, that links to Garrys site.

4. Add a post on your own blog informing all other students to get included in the garys book.

Also inform Mark Austin at:


Mark Terrell

Today I Added A Twitter Widget To My WordPress Blog

Hi All,

Today i have installed a twitter widget, i found this took me a good few hours because when i loaded it, it broke my page layout, so i studied and read for a few more hours and found out why.

So i have decided to write a little Ebook called ‘Installing Widgets for Profit’ This book is ideal for newbe’s on how to install great money making widgets on your wordpress blog.

I shall also create a video showing step by step how i did it as i think it will really help you.

Any comments appreciated.

Alex Jeffery's Online Coaching Students

If You Are On Alex Jeffery’s Coaching Program And Would like
Your Name & link Added Here Please Email Me.

more students added:

This is an additional list of the students of Alex as I have been able to pick up so far there may be a few the same have not had time to correct……

Al Bushert

Al Vaughan

Alan Kiel

Allan Wilson

André T


Ann Marie Dennis

Bill Stafford

Bill Vannot

Bob Beckman
Bobby Winchell
Brian Welsh

Carl Morris


Cindy Parker

Clint Herman

Colin P
Craig Maxwell

Daniel J
Dave Orchard

Dave Pumfrey

Des Thomas

Di Chapman

Doston Stanley

Ed Wellman

Egan Myers

Frankie Sng
Graham Carisbrick

Hilary Dickinson
Honey Wesley

Jack Stacey
James Woodfield

Jean Shaw
Jeffrey Dibble

Jey Kumara
Jim Gallagher
Joe Green
Joe Trueman

John Bullard

John Huver

Jonathan Hilton

Jose Castel
Joseph Green

Joshua Collins
Jozef Antony

Judith Hoffman

Juergen Vollmer

Kath Ibbetson

Ken Douglas
Kevin Griffith

Lesley Morgan

Manie Thomas
Mark Call
Mark Conrad

Mark Luciano

Mark Terrell

Matt Cross

Max Vogt

Michael Adams

Michael Wuest

Morten Bergsten
Nicos Melanarkitis

Nigel Booker

Nikita Levitan
Nikki Stephens

Paul Moore

Paul Nicholls

Paul Truman
Peggy Schoonover

Petra Wren
Phil Jones
Renee Olson
Richard Moloney
Rob Byrd

Robert Humphreys

Rovaal Rotemon
Ruth Stewart
Ryan Price

Scott Thrall

Susan Boscola

Susan Livingston
Ted Boatwright
Theresa Mayhew
Thom Swartwood


Tim B
Valerie Davies

Vince Craine

Warner Carter
Wendy Wood

Your Step By Step Method For Success

These are the things you need to do to make a six figure income from the internet. Please click on the images to take you to the relevant sites.

1. Domain Name Registering

You need a Domain Name, think of this as your office address name. Try to register your own name. ie:

2. Website Hosting

Website hosting, think of this as where you live. This is where your website sits so everyone on the internet can see your website. I always choose a hosting company that uses cpanel as these are so easy to use and come with how to videos. This hosting comes with 1-Click installs to create blogs, galleries, shopping carts, forums and other sites with ease. This package comes with a wordpress blog ready to install with 1 click of your mouse.

3. Set Up Your WordPress Blog.

You Blog is a place where you post about you what you are doing and allow others to see your posts and reply to them. It is a great place to attract traffic and offer products. You install this on your domain in the cpanel that comes with your hosting package.

4. Set Up Your Mailing List Program.
Awebber List Building

There is no better list building product than AWeber. When you get someone to sign up or leave you a email address you need somewhere to store them all and send out email messages to automatically. This is what this software does. It quickly creates and run your campaigns with powerful, easy-to-use email marketing programe. Whether you’re looking to get your first email campaign off the ground, or you’re a seasoned veteran who wants to dig into advanced tools. They have got just what you need to make email marketing work for you. Awebber has videos explaining how to set up everything.

5. Create A Squeeze Page.

A Squeeze Page is a one page webpage that you send traffic too. On this page you offer to give something away, like an Ebook or website template and it has a form on it. To get this free product they must enter there email address. Now this is important.- DO NOT GIVE AWAY rubbish or a product of little value. If you are going to give something away, make sure it is what that person is looking for- So it has high value.
The product on the left which i am going to give YOU is a good example: People need squeeze pages to promote there products and to capture peoples email address, this software creates one for you!
So why am i going to give you this? To get your email. I am building trust with you because i have given you a great product and i am helping you make money. Now in the future i may have a great new money making product for sale for $7, because i have given you a great product in the past you are more likely to open my email.

6. Create A Free Email Account.

You need a email account that you can give all your contacts and put on your pages. I have found getting a free gmail account from google is the best way. You can access this account from anywhere whit a internet connection. Easy sign up.

7. Create A Download Page.

A download page is just a simple webpage, you can use another squeeze page and just edit it. On this page there is there download link for the free product. Also on this page there would be a upgrade or option to buy something like a video version of the Ebook. I shall be give in all this away, the Ebook and a video upgrade that you can give away or sell and you keep all the money later.

8. Create Paypal Account.

PayPal allows any business or consumer with an email address to securely, conveniently and cost-effectively send and receive payments online. Our network builds on the existing financial infrastructure of bank accounts and credit cards to create a global, real-time payment solution. We deliver a product ideally suited for small businesses, online merchants. When someone clicks on one of your buy now buttons, you get sent the money into your paypal account.

9. Products to sell at Clickbank

This is where you can get products and sell them just buy adding a link. commissions of upto 75% are paid.

Since 1998, ClickBank has helped affiliates achieve incredible growth and profitability by offering features and benefits that deliver real value. Wide selection of quality products. Our Marketplace of over 35,000 unique, digitally downloadable goods has products that appeal across all types of demographics and niche audiences.

10. List Building With Alex Jefferys

As i said on the homepage list building is very important. For each person on your list they are worth $1 per person per month.

So your first goal is to reach 1500 once you reach this goal you will never have to work again ever !

I am going to give away an Ebook that explains everything, this will get you started while you learn. Once you see how easy it really is to make money you will start creating your own products. I am giving you a Squeezepage, Download page the product which you can brand with your name and resell it or give it away… And the chance to earn even more money.

Now for the septics: This may seem like a simple plan of action, but it is very powerfull and will make you a lot of money. The problem is now most of you will read it and think, no that cant be that easy and start searching for something better. Please ! just try the simple things here untill you get at least 200 email addresses. Once you reach this figure you will start to see some big money start to roll in.


These email addresses will cost you virtually nothing . Once you reach 200 email addresses with Awebber, if you are not convinced or have lost interest, i will even buy your list from you for $50 providing you follow my steps. so you even make money from me…