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– Alex Jeffreys

Just a few short years ago Alex Jeffreys was a newbie within the internet marketing arena, a self-proclaimed “puppy marketer.” In 2004, at the age of 23, he quit his job to pursue his dream of building an online empire… however he hit some bumps along the way and made the same mistakes most beginning internet marketers do. BUT in December 2007 he changed his way of doing business by just following a few simple steps and now many of the big dogs of the internet marketing world are watching him.

Even with a smaller list than most, this year alone he has generated well over $140,000 just from email marketing! By the end of the year he is on track to make at least $250,000!

Now that Alex has burst onto the internet marketing scene, many of the top online gurus and super affiliates are phoning him for support and help. The New Era of the internet is here and the gurus have become outdated. And they are all wanting Alex’s new, simple system that allows for success.

Alex has followed one simple system that has launched his successful and lucrative internet marketing career. He is now known as one of the fastest growing internet marketers online – while at the same time he is still able to travel the world living a lifestyle that many could only dream of.

BUT – Alex is about to make the dream a reality for you. Anyone who is willing to listen to his step by step blueprint for success can make their dreams a reality too.

Alex will walk you through the exact steps necessary to create an online business in this New Era of internet marketing (these are things even the Gurus don’t know!) Get ready… Alex will introduce you to the cutting edge way to build an online business and how the Gurus are outdated and obsolete.

Hi All,
I attended Alex Jeffreys personal online coaching session last night at 11pm.. What a marathon session that was… I stayed up until 3.30am listening to all the questions and answers after the module.
I would just like to say to Alex the information you gave me last night has so far saved me hours of time today, because I have started to Organize… It has been the best $500 I have spent so far….
I have taken action and YES created this blog in my first day.. and posted a comment…
It has taken me 6 hours, to register a domain, host the site, install WordPress blog software, and learn my way to post.
Alex you are so fired up and passionate about helping us all succeed with you, my friend and mentor you deserve your GOLDEN NUGGET that is chasing you.
All the best
Mark Terrell
Internet Marketer

3 thoughts on “Alex Jeffery’s Coaching Program

  1. octisage

    Hi Mark –

    Susan Owen-Thursfield here one of Alex’s students (any chance you could PLEASE add the “d” to my name in the roll call list?) . You did far better than me on the call last night. Fabulous stuff but I ducked out of the interactive session at 2am and was up with my twins at 7am again!

    I totally agree about Alex being a great teacher. I can feel the motivation just bubbling up inside when he talks!

    You’ve a great blog here Mark and I wondered if you would take a look at mine as I’m having a few issues (I’m such a newbie it took me about 10 mins just to find out how to comment on your blog!). I know Alex said get it going don’t get it right, but I just feel that I won’t have time in the future to get the stuff sorted out. You clearly know about WordPress pages and thats what I’m struggling with! I wuold also like to put the Alex Students roll call list on my blog. How did you do it please? I’m in UK and will be free and at my computer about 9pm tonight if you’re free to talk, or email.

    Thanks for visiting my site!


  2. Mark Terrell

    Hi Susan,

    I will help you anyway i can.

    I do offer FREE webhosting and a blog for all alex jefferys students.

    I have emailed you with the information i need to get started.

    thanks mark


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